I offer:
— a solid presence.
— a fresh, down-to-earth, and direct point of view.
— creativity and use of the arts as a tool for expression and self-growth.
— humor to assist you in overcoming challenging obstacles in your life.

 People have described me as inquisitive, insightful, curious, creative, warm, and honest.

 Working with me, you will be accepted and valued for who you are and where you are in your life.  Together, we will proceed at an appropriate pace that is right for you in resolving personal and relationship dilemmas.  I will strive to assist you in transcending whatever obstacles are blocking you from manifesting fully who you are and what you want to be doing in your life.   

The method I employ in assisting people to these ends includes an eclectic blend of many psychological methods.  This includes AEDP, PACT, psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive and behavioral modalities, solution focused therapy, presence therapy, as well as creative oriented approaches.  

I am also an artist and enjoy working with people to move through barriers to creativity.   Additionally, I work with groups, in using the arts to visualize human experience while simultaneously growing more deeply in relationship to one another.

"Alexandra Mitnick is a vibrant and enthusiastic therapist. She is well trained and has successful life experiences.  She brings to the therapeutic hour skills in balancing personal and professional goals and community building.  She is a creative person, both in her thought processes and in her artistic endeavors.  She gives clients focused attention and is proactive in giving direction."

Elaine Cooper, LCSW, PhD
Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry
University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco